Prius Headlight Problems


Prius headlight is not coming on some owners of the Prius having problem with the Prius headlight is not coming on intermittently , Some Prius owner say one headlight turns off randomly,other have reported both going off, The Prius headlight bulb Known formally as (HID) lights, sometime the headlights works intermittently and you don’t want to this happen to you at night time. some Toyota Prius Owners have experienced the problem with headlight for the first time in many different ways. Some reported that Prius HID headlight turns off randomly, while other have reported both Prius HID headlight going off at the same time. some Prius owners reported Cycle power off/on turns the light on again will fix the problem, but when you’re driving 50 mph down a dark highway you don’t want to have to keep your fingers crossed that the lights will come back on.

In most cases of working intermittently, by replacing an HID bulb for an intermittent operation will solve the problem, and HID ECU does not need to be replaced. also in some cases the ecu has to be replaced due to moisture getting inside Prius HID headlight ECU and causes electrical sort inside of Prius HID headlight ECU.