Prius battery fan cleaning P0A82

Prius Battery cooling fan

Prius Battery cooling Fan Service

Prius battery cooling fan cleaning requires cleaning. for the second and third generation of Toyota Prius, from 2004-2009, it does not have a intake air filter for the high voltage battery cooling fan, this creates a problem. Instead the fan itself becomes the filter, the fan located upstream of the battery on the right side, the fun collecting particulates over time. Because it is not a service item or Prius owner never have been told the fan eventually clogs and needs battery fan cleaning service This causes battery overheating and premature of Prius High Voltage battery pack failure. it very common on Prius with high millage, which are running 24/7 in harsh conditions with lots of backseat passengers (where the fan intake is located), the Prius HV battery typically dies by 150,000 miles.

these problems are now showing up on Prius in regular use. When fan clogs sometimes due to debris clogs the Hybrid battery fan (setting a battery code P0A82, with temperature up to 120 degrees) in a car that regularly transports pets such as dogs or cats. The trouble code set at 120,000 miles. The battery is still in use. We recently had our very first High Voltage Battery failure in a second gen Prius, model year 2005, at 155,000 miles. we have seen many second generation Prius go much farther than 150k with no battery issues whatsoever); upon inspection it turned out to be clear.

we highly recommend to perform battery fan cleaning as it prevent battery cells overheating, because fan is the only service item that can affect Prius battery life. based on our experience with Toyota Prius

Without proper maintenance the hybrid battery will surely die prematurely

Occasionally, but not always, when the fan clogs it will set a battery overheating code P0A82, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees or more. Since the hybrid battery fan is one of a few serviceable items item that can affect pack life. Please Contact Us if your Prius requires hybrid battery fan cleaning or your  red triangle warning light stay on