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Prius AC repair

Prius AC Repair compressorAt Prius repair shop we specialize in Prius AC repair. The Toyota Prius is equipped with an automatic climate control with humidity sensor. the operation is possible from the steering wheel and from the touchscreen multi function screen display. the Prius is electrically powered climate control and also works without the gas engine is in operation. the power supply comes through the inverter of the hybrid battery pack.

the air conditioning capacity, and flow is controlled by a 32 bit computer system, the system automatically adapts to the outside temperature and energy intensity of sunlight using sensors. the computer system controls the exhaust temperature, humidity, fan speed and the distribution of air flow over the various outlet opening in the interior .
the entire electric Prius AC system of the Toyota Prius is equipped with most advanced air conditioner, which so far has been built into a car. this air conditioner is standard for any type of Prius. Prius AC repair requires special compressor oil.

in Prius the electrical compressor and the the electric water pump driven respectively by a dedicated 220 volts AC inverter and 12 volts DC converter which are built into the power control unite. as a result the operation of the air conditioning system is not dependent on being in operation of the internal combustion engine, this has several advantages.
The Prius AC can work with maximum efficiency, even when the internal combustion engine of the Prius is stationary. this contributes to reduction in fuel consumption of 15-20 percent as the air conditioning is not dependent on the engine, there is also no loss in engine power.
the electric compressor is 40 percent smaller and lighter than conventional electric compressor, by a significant reduction in size and weight. this electric compressor is so small that it can actually be mounted on the engine. while the conventional larger and compressor can only be mounted on a separate bracket. the air conditioning system installed in Prius can perform an automatic temperature control, air flow and fan speed. the system can control the automatic air distribution in order to provide a maximum thermal comfort.
Pius A/C Humidity Sensor
This sensor measures the moisture level of the cabin and sends this information to the air conditioning system. to optimizes Toyota Prius air conditioning
Humidity Control
the humidity control is only operation when the air conditioning is switched on and the automatic control is activated, the intake air will be first cooled by the air conditioning.
Prius multi function display
instead of the conventional panel of the air conditioning, which is the Prius C system is is operated can be found in any vehicle by means of a touch-screen LCD screen/touch screen. This type of display is very unique, the air conditioning system can also be controlled using the touch buttons located on the the steering wheel.We are fully qualified to work on every aspect of your Prius air conditioning system. We use the latest environmentally friendly and testing procedures to ensure your air conditioner will operate perfectly every time you use it. for more in depth technical formation please click the link

The air conditioning system in my car works, so why should I have it serviced?

Servicing is all about preventative maintenance and the same applies to the air conditioning system in your car. When an air conditioning system is operating corrosive acids are produced. The receiver dryer is part of the system and is designed to collect these acids, along with moisture. It’s a bit like a filter that is capable of removing moisture from the atmosphere.
As the build up of contaminates in the receiver dryer increases, its ability to do its job decreases and eventually the corrosive acids in the air conditioning system damage other component parts. Because this corrosion is occurring on the internal surfaces of these parts it is impossible to accurately determine what parts of the system will fail next.
That’s why you need to service your air conditioning system every two years, before this uncontrolled corrosion takes place and damages the condenser, compressor, evaporator and other parts of the system,
HANDY TIP: Turn your vehicle’s air conditioner on for a few minutes every week or so, even in winter,This will lubricate the seals in the compressor and prolong its operational life.